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We need your help NOW!

Help us prepare to meet the community need!

$3,235 raised

$25,000 goal

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Farming 4 Hunger is gearing up to meet the community need by increasing healthy food production. This need is going to increase in the near future. Please help! We have an immediate need for $25,000 for increased demands for fuel, fertilizer, greenhouse-growing, plants and distribution. In addition to food grown in partnership with the Maryland Food Bank, we have been tasked to grow fresh produce for students and their families who normally receive free and reduced lunches. In addition, there is going to be an unprecedented need to provide food to people who have lost or will lose their jobs. Chances are you already know someone. Our goal with this is to provide more fresh and nutritious food to those families in need. We can't do this without you!

In partnership with the public school food services, we will be setting up deliveries of fresh food to students and their families. With a $25,000 start, we will be able to provide an increased variety of foods including vegetables that will make healthy stir-fry dinners, soups and stews. A small donation of only $20 will provide families with a week's worth of fresh, healthy, nutritious produce. Will you please help?